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December 10, 2017


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In AA it is called “working the steps.” All 12 step groups recommend a detailed plan of moving off of an addiction. On the journey friends encourage each other to keep at it, systematically within the process. The urging contains the message that recovery is not about ...

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December 3, 2017


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“O that you would tear open the heavens and come down!” I’ve said a prayer like that a good number of times. Possibly you’ve blurted it out as well. It is the throw the hands up in the air kind of prayer or the sinking ...

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November 26, 2017


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Help, thanks, wow. That’s the bottom line of prayer, according to Anne Lamott. “My belief,” she goes on to write, “is that when you’re telling the truth, you’re close to God.” Good definition: prayer is truth telling within the presence of neighbor, self and ...

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November 19, 2017


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Parag Mehta, an Indian American student, at the University of Texas
did not know how to tell his parents.

He had been keeping a secret,
a secret that was eating him alive.
He had already tried twice to end his life because of it.

Parag knew that ...

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