The Service

The Christian Service of Marriage

A wedding at First Presbyterian Church is an act of worship. Thus, the wedding service will use the liturgy found in the Presbyterian Book of Common Worship as a starting point. A wedding service normally includes special music, hymns, Scripture readings, and a brief sermon by the minister.

The Presiding Minister

Once a wedding date has been set, a minister designated to preside at the service will contact the couple and set up an appointment to meet with them. Ministers available to officiate at weddings include Bill Hathaway, Pastor; Heather Shortlidge, Associate Pastor; and Jim Kirk, Parish Associate.

A First Presbyterian Church minister or Parish Associate is always present at weddings held in the church. The presiding minister from First Presbyterian Church has primary responsibility for the order and conduct of the wedding service. Other clergy may participate at the invitation of the presiding minister. If you wish to include an assisting minister who is not on the staff of First Presbyterian Church, please make your request when you reserve your wedding date.


Organists, vocal soloists, and instrumentalists are available for church weddings. Please contact the Director of Music, Bob Muckenfuss at [email protected], to coordinate music for your wedding.