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March 24, 2019


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Rocks. You may have noticed the assortment of rocks in or around your pew. These rocks will be transformed during this service with your help. If you don’t have a rock but want one, please look in the pew in front of or behind you. On the ...

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March 17, 2019


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We boarded the plane, stuffed those carry-ons in the overhead bins, insisted on eye contact with people who didn’t want anyone sitting next to them, fastened our seat belts and were ready to go. The plane was quiet in anticipation of hearing, “Arm doors and cross check ...

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March 10, 2019


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Have you ever been startled out of sleep by a telephone ringing in the middle of the night? The 3AM middle of the night kind of phone call – the kind that makes your heart race and your mind spin – as you wonder who died or what tragedy is ...

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March 6, 2019



Lent is derived from an Old English word that literally means “spring.” As early as the fourth century, the church took the 40 days leading up to Easter as a time to fast and pray for repentance and spiritual renewal. It’s like a spring cleaning of our heart ...

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