Presbyterian Women (PWC)

Open to all women in the congregation, the Presbyterian Women’s Council (PWC) consists of six circles that meet for study and reflection and a 19 member Board of Directors that meets monthly.

The PWC’s activities are varied and are woven into the congregation’s life. The PWC tends the Memorial Garden which beautifully welcomes each season of the year. Members of the PWC oversee the first floor of the Zimmerman Wilson house, often conducting tours upon request. The women generously host receptions for funeral and memorial services and provide scholarship assistance for church members attending mission-related programs.

The CLAMS group (Creative Ladies Aiding Missions/Creative Ladies and Men Stitching) makes and delivers prayer shawls for members and church friends or family. Hats and scarves are also made and passed along with purchased gloves to Winter Relief, the Lighthouse Shelter and other needy missions. Also, baby hats are made for the NICU at AAMC. No experience necessary. PWC provides the yarn, needles, guidance, and fellowship for all interested in helping.

For more information, contact Judi Dunn or the church office at (410) 267-8705.

Opportunities to Serve

View or download the PWC HANDBOOK.

Executive Board
The Executive Board is the deciding body of the PWC concerning events, collecting and disbursing of funds, and providing support to our congregation. The Executive Board consists of officers, committee heads and members. One way to become a member of the Executive Board is to contact any chair or member of the different committees. Meeting Time: The first Thursday of the month (except during the summer) in the Kinhart Building - Room 4 at 9:30 am 

Memorial Garden
The beautiful Memorial Garden is maintained by a small group of women who have a green thumb. How you can help…  Volunteers are needed to plant, prune and water the garden. For Advent, wreaths and May baskets are hung inside and outside the church.

Memorial Receptions
At a time of personal loss, the family may request a memorial reception after the service. How you can help…  Volunteers are needed to bring tea sandwiches and baked goods, to help in the kitchen and to serve during the reception.

Creative Ladies Aiding MissionS (CLAMS)
CLAMS provides handmade knitted, crocheted, and sometimes sewn items to numerous groups, including the Light House, Winter Relief, and AAMC’s NICU Unit. Their Prayer Shawl Ministry reaches out to those who seek comfort. Men are also welcomed to join the group. You do not have to know how to knit or crochet -- just a desire to learn and to be part of a fun group. (Pocket prayer shawls pictured.) How you can help…  Besides the making of the items, volunteers can contribute by helping with labeling, delivery of shawls, and other chores.

The Communications/Program/Hospitality Committee welcomes new church members, plans special PWC events, including bringing in speakers, compiling the monthly newsletter content and planning special luncheons. How you can help… Food preparation for luncheons and input ideas for possible programs.

Zimmerman-Wilson House
First Presbyterian Church bought and renovated the Zimmerman-Wilson House at 138 Conduit Street. The PWC took on the task of helping to make the first floor available and usable for many different functions and events. How you can help…  Checking the content of the kitchen and kitchen needs and maintaining upkeep for the first floor bedroom and bath.

Baby Pantry
The Pantry operates to help mothers and babies in crisis. How you can help…  The PWC collects items such as diapers, wipes, and formula. We also have donated or located other items as specific needs have arisen.

Prayer Shawls

Prayer Shawls & Pocket Prayer Shawls. One of the many mission projects performed by our congregation, the shawls are lovingly made by the members of Presbyterian Women's C.L.A.M.S. (Creative Ladies Aiding MissionS/Creative Ladies And Men Stitching) group. Shawls are free and given to members and non-members by request. Each shawl & pocket shawl carries the prayers of the maker for the welfare of the person receiving it, and is blessed before being presented.