Pastor Nominating Committee

October 2019

The PNC is working hard to evaluate the many PIFs received both through the Church Leadership Connection and through self-referrals and recommendations. We still welcome new applicants. Please encourage anyone you wish to apply to access our Ministry Information Form (MIF) (#00269.AD1) on the CLC website. Potential candidates may also send their PIF to We appreciate your support and continued prayers for our work and for the next pastor of First Presbyterian Church.


The Ministry Information Form (MIF) has been approved by Session and the Committee on Ministry. The MIF is now posted on the PCUSA’s Church Leadership Connection (CLC) website, which will match our job posting to potential candidates. In addition, the PNC will receive Personal Information Forms (PIF) from candidates through self-referral and recommendations from you and friends of our congregation. Over the next two months or more, the PNC will evaluate the PIFs received. Please encourage anyone you wish to apply to access our MIF (#00269.AD). on the CLC website. Potential candidates may also send their PIF to While we cannot talk about individual candidates, the PNC welcomes your questions about the process. Thank you for your continued prayers for the PNC and for the next pastor of First Presbyterian Church. Faithfully, Brad, Dave, Helen, Jenn, Phyllis, Sarah, and Todd 


In July, the PNC completed the Ministry Information Form (MIF), and submitted it to Session for approval. Once it passes Session, the MIF will then be presented to the Presbytery’s Committee on Ministry (COM) for their approval. After the MIF is approved by both Session and COM, it will be entered into the Church Leadership Connection (CLC), the PCUSA’s online recruitment system, and matched to potential candidates. Thank you for keeping the PNC in your prayers.

– Sarah, Jenn, Helen, Brad, Todd, Dave, and Phyllis.


In June the Pastoral Nominating Committee (PNC) met weekly. We defined our roles and designated and filled them as follows: Chair, Helen Krone; Vice, Phyllis Crossen- Richardson; Internet Communicator, Jenn McDermott; Devotion Coordinator, David Williamson; and Scribe, Todd Pekel. We continued our work on completing the Ministry Information Form (MIF) based on the work of the Congregational Assessment Committee and congregational feedback at the listening sessions. We are honored to serve and continue to ask for your prayers as we walk humbly and proceed with thoughtful kindness.

– Sarah, Jenn, Helen, Brad, Todd, Dave, and Phyllis.


The Pastoral Nominating Committee (PNC) held their inaugural meeting on May 21 st . The Rev Sue Lowcock Harris will serve as our Committee on Ministry (COM) liaison and was on hand to provide the orientation. We will begin meeting weekly and our first tasks will be to define our individual roles and to write the Ministry Information Form (MIF). We are thankful for the work of the Congregational Assessment Committee and the congregation for providing us with an invaluable tool to guide and expedite the construction of this document. We are honored and humbled to serve and ask that you keep us in your prayers throughout this process.

-Sarah, Phyllis, Jenn, Helen, Todd, Dave, and Brad.


Greetings from the Pastor Nominating Committee

The Pastor Nominating Committee (PNC) was elected by the congregation on April 28, 2019 to call the next pastor/head of staff of First Presbyterian Church following the retirement of Bill Hathaway in Spring 2018. Since its training in May 2019, the PNC has been meeting weekly toward this goal.

In the PC(USA), the PNC serves as a search committee. The PNC’s first task is to complete a Ministry Information Form (MIF), which tells about our ministry and mission and the job description. Once approved by the Session and the Presbytery’s Committee on Ministry (COM), the MIF will be entered on the PC(USA)’s matching system. Our MIF will be matched with likely candidates who have entered their Personal Information Forms (PIF), which serve as their resumes. In addition to the matching system, we receive PIFs from candidates through self-referral and recommendations from you and friends of our congregation.

The PNC takes the confidentiality of our task seriously. While we can answer questions about the process, we cannot discuss individual candidates. We thank you for your prayers and your patience. We ask that you trust the process, knowing that God is working through the PNC to call the next pastor/head of staff of FPC.

PNC search process

PNC members

Sarah Bodor
Sarah has been a member of FPC for about 10 years and is in her third year as a Deacon. She notes that she has firsthand knowledge of the depth of pastoral care that our pastors have historically provided. “I also know how much individual Deacons and other officers (past and present} are committed to serving and representing our church.” Sarah has traveled to Haiti multiple times on behalf of FPC and become involved in our core leader team for ACT. She has an understanding of the significance and value of our mission work, both locally and globally. Sarah has three children – one each in elementary, middle, and high school so that she has experienced the spectrum of educational and leadership opportunities for our kids and youth, from Baptism to Youth Sunday to confirmation to mission and retreats.
Phyllis Crossen-Richardson
Phyllis is a life-long Presbyterian, growing up in Grosse Pointe, Michigan. In high school, she served on the worship committee and on the music committee that selected a new Music Minister. Phyllis joined FPC in the 1990s when her Episcopalian husband Rob, a USAF pilot, was busy supporting the first Gulf War. She has been extensively involved with FPC’s music program. During the past few years, Phyllis has sung in FPC’s choir and volunteered her instrumental talents, including being the featured soloist for the 2018 Choir European Tour. She is a professional musician and a management consultant. Phyllis has two adult children.
Helen Krone
As a life-long Presbyterian, Helen is well-versed in the church’s culture and processes, and experienced in the work of the larger institution of the PCUSA. Helen has served as a Commissioner to the Baltimore Presbytery (representing FPC) and as a member of the Montreat Board. At FPC Helen has served as Membership Elder, organized attendance at adult conferences at Montreat, coordinated FPC’s museum trips, and supported and assisted in organizing FPC’s summer intern program. Her leadership on FPC’s Lecture Committee has helped in attracting notable guests and moderating their lectures. Helen is also involved as a STAIR tutor and in the Cuba Partnership.
Jenn McDermott
Jenn has been a member of First Presbyterian Church of Annapolis since 2011. She is an active volunteer youth leader (and has the energizer skills to prove it), serves on the Communications Committee, and is the church Webmaster. She also recently served as a member of the Interim (Transitional) Pastor Search Committee. She is currently at Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Lab as the Integration and Test (I&T) Lead for the Europa Imaging System (EIS) cameras on board the Europa Clipper spacecraft, planned to launch in 2024. She and her husband, Mike, were married at FPC in 2014 and enjoy tabletop gaming and travel together.
Brad Olson
Brad, a dentist, joined FPC in 1993 and married Sharon in our church in 1994. His twins, Connor and Kelsey, were the first baptisms for Bill Hathaway in 1999. Brad has served two terms on the Session as an Elder, as chair of the Youth Ministry Council, and chair of the Staff Committee. He served as the chair of the Seminary Intern Committee for Katie Cashwell’s year-long internship. Brad served as a listening Session leader for both our five-year goals and more recently for ACT. In addition, he has volunteered as a liturgist, usher, communion server, and is an active participant in the Fellowship of the Bean.
Todd Pekel
Todd has been a member of FPC since 1998 and has served on the Session as chair of the Stewardship and Finance Committee, and as a Deacon. He has also participated in Habitat for Humanity, FoodLink/Share, Iona Pilgrimage, ZW House Sweat Equity, and the softball team. Todd is a retired U.S. Army Sergeant Major (E-9) and is currently a personal trainer and group fitness instructor. Todd’s wife, Cathy, is an active member of the choir. Their two children, Sara and Nicholas, were brought up in FPC.
David Williamson
Dave and his wife, Jean, have been members of FPC for over 40 years. Dave has been active in many facets of congregational life. He served in a variety of leadership roles, including as a member of the Session for two terms, as well as a Trustee and Deacon. Dave has been active in Sweat Equity and is the Lothian site coordinator in the STAIR program. Dave also served as a Junior High youth advisor and as a Sunday School teacher. He also helped coordinate Youth Sunday and lead weekend youth retreats. Dave was a teacher for 13 years and then developed software systems for the State Department.