Other Considerations

Photography and Videography

Wedding photographs may be taken in the courtyard, memorial garden, and sanctuary before and/or after the wedding service.

However, once the wedding service begins, no photography is permitted from the main floor of the sanctuary. The professional photographer hired for the wedding may take photographs during the worship service, but these photographs can only be taken from the balcony and cannot be taken with flash. The ushers are to inform the guests that photographs and videos may not be taken once the wedding service begins. It is the responsibility of the couple to inform photographers and the videographer of church policies.

The service may be videotaped from the balcony.


The worship spaces are in themselves places of great beauty and do not need excessive decoration for wedding ceremonies. The church can provide candle lighters, a kneeling bench, a unity candle holder, two candles on the communion table, two flower stands, and a guest book podium for your use.

Florists will have access to the worship space no earlier than two hours before the wedding. We ask that flowers or bows be attached to the pews with clips rather than pins, tacks, tape or nails. Flowers may be donated to the church for Sunday worship and will be noted in the Sunday worship bulletin, with a week’s lead time. All decorations not being used for Sunday worship are to be removed after the ceremony by the florist or a member of the wedding party.

We ask your courtesy in helping to keep the church complex clean and litter-free. Please refrain from throwing rice, birdseed, confetti, or potpourri inside or outside the buildings.


If you wish to have a bulletin, you may arrange to have one designed and printed by an outside firm. To assure accuracy and conformity, all bulletins should be reviewed and approved by the officiating minister. Please plan to bring the printed bulletins to the church at the time of your rehearsal.