Mission/Education Scholarship Application

A number of groups within First Presbyterian church provide support for mission, education, and spiritual formation experiences. Please use this common scholarship application to request funds from these various groups. Each application is carefully considered, however, there is no guarantee that every applicant will receive assistance or the specific amount requested.
  • Applications are due by February 1.
  • For experiences other than English to the Church or Youth Trips, scholarship requests should be made 60 days prior to the date funds are needed.

Please indicate below how much scholarship assistance you are requesting and from which sources. You may request funds from more than one group, however, please carefully read through the descriptions to ensure your eligibility before requesting funds.

FPC Sources of Scholarships

Youth Ministry Council—for middle and high school church members for mission, education, and spiritual formation opportunities; grants usually range from $100-$500.

Presbyterian Women—for youth and adult church members for mission, education, and spiritual formation opportunities; grants usually range from $100-$300

Spiritual Formation Fund—for people of all ages who are seeking an experience to strengthen or nourish their spiritual life; grants usually range from $200-$400.

Mission Committee—for participants in mission related activities; grants usually range from $100-$500.

Sub-Committee Mission Funds—some FPC Mission projects have specific funds such as the Czech Group, Haiti Group, etc. and may provide assistance for travel related expenses; grants vary in range.

Scholarship Expectations
Recipients of scholarship assistance are expected to participate in congregational events upon their return that help tell the story of their experience. These post-trip gatherings could include a congregational reflection session, a Minute for Mission in worship, a presentation during Sunday Night Youth Fellowship, etc.

Non-First Presbyterian Church Experiences
For trips and experiences that are not directly sponsored by First Presbyterian Church of Annapolis (i.e. Presbytery Partnership trips, denominational workshops, etc.), funds will be sent directly to the sponsoring organization.

Scholarship funds are typically transferred directly to the sponsoring mission/education group and are NOT paid directly to the individual. If you are applying for scholarship assistance for a mission/education experience sponsored by someone other than First Presbyterian Church of Annapolis, please indicate who and where your scholarship money should be sent:

Contact name, phone and/or email for organizer of this experience