Looking for a quiet space to relax and catch your breath? Interested in tracking down a current resource for digging a little deeper? If so, the church library/parlor is just the space for you. Located in the education building, just off the Conduit, it has comfortable chairs, reflective space, and a serious collection of books, magazines, and other church resources. The collection includes:
• Reference materials for study, including Bible commentaries and translations
• Historical, theological, and Christian classics
• Fiction, non-fiction, and biographical works that raise both individual and social moral
issues that the church is called to respond to
• Materials relating to Presbyterian beliefs, other Christian faiths, and world religions
• Periodicals that focus on current ecumenical issues

Children's Library


Looking for books that help kids grapple with God, their faith, the church, and what others believe? Head upstairs to the third floor Resource Room (main education building) to find a wealth of resources for expanding children’s moral imagination, integrity, and spirituality.
Books are arranged by fiction, non-fiction, Easter, Christmas, and other holidays. Take books home after worship on Sunday and return them the following week.

Library Hours

Both libraries are unstaffed and available whenever the church is open. Simply sign out your selection. Although there is no strict return date, we do ask that you please return items promptly to the "Return Book" basket just inside the Library door to the left.