Kinhart Center

Kinhart Center

Many people completely miss the three connected row homes located on Duke of Gloucester Street that house the church offices, youth rooms, and main space for meetings. To get to the Kinhart Center, one must first find the church courtyard—a tucked away green space in the heart of downtown. Venture down the brick alleyway to the immediate left of the front doors of the sanctuary. Once inside the courtyard, enter the Kinhart Center through the double glass doors. Our church secretary, Sharon, has an office on the left. She can help you find your way from there.

The Kinhart Center houses the church secretary’s office, the volunteer office (that includes printed resources, fax, copier and office supplies), the pastor’s study, the associate pastor’s study, the high school youth room, the middle school youth room, the youth director’s office, the business manager’s office, and four large meeting rooms (KC 1A, KC 4A, KC5A, KC6A). There are quite a few stairs to navigate in the Kinhart Center, however, there is an elevator so that all people can access the space.

Kinhart History

Howard and Mildred Kinhart joined First Presbyterian Church in 1934 and were active in the life of the church with the exception of an eight year period of time when they lived in Florida (1958 to 1966).

Born in Madonna, Maryland, Howard A. Kinhart first came to Annapolis in 1916 to attend St. John's College. From St. John's, Howard taught high school in Pocomoke, Maryland, and then was promoted to the position of Principal. While at Pocomoke he earned both a master's and doctorate in education from Columbia Teacher's College in New York City.

In 1928, Dr. Kinhart was appointed the 9th principal of Annapolis High School, a position he held for a 21 year tenure of significant expansion of facilities and curriculum. In 1949 he became assistant superintendent for senior high schools for Anne Arundel County and served in that position until his retirement in 1958.

Upon their deaths, Howard (1986) and Mildred (1977) left an endowment gift to the congregation that allowed for the reconstruction of the three Duke of Gloucester houses that now bear the Kinhart name.