First Presbyterian Church of Annapolis is a member if the Presbyterian Church (USA). We combine traditional reformed worship with an open, ecumenical spirit for generous service to the community and the world. We believe that God calls and blesses people in order that they may be a blessing to the world.

Our sanctuary was originally built as the Hallam Theater in 1828. The congregation was formed in 1846, one year after the establishment of the Naval Academy, and the new congregation purchased the theater, changing it into a space for worship. The room was enlarged and remodeled, including the addition of the church steeple, in 1948. The education building with the McBee Fellowship Hall was added in 1958. Over the decades, the three houses beside the church on Duke of Gloucester Street and the Zimmerman-Wilson House, behind the church on Conduit Street, were added to the campus buildings and dedicated to ministry and mission. One of the buildings on our campus, known as the Red House, serves as a permanent place for AA meetings in the area. We recently completed and dedicated a chapel on campus, which is open daily for public prayer.

Sanctuary in 1846

Sanctuary in 1900