Goals & Objectives

NOTE:  These goals and objectives assume that the regular work of the church will continue, and therefore address new and challenging opportunities in the life of our church.

Goals and objectives taken from our current five year strategic plan.


1.  Engage members and friends to confront issues of poverty and race in Annapolis:

  • Support the growth of STAIR programs in the local community and teach others how to set up satellite programs
  • Partner with local African American congregations in dialogue and study (target: at least one meeting/event per year with 2-3 local congregations over the next 3 years)
  • Commit resources such as the Bass Lecture Fund to topics of race and poverty
  • Work with the Presbytery of Baltimore’s public policy efforts relative to state legislation addressing issues of poverty and race (target: legislation/initiatives identified and communicated to FPC members; working group from FPC identified in 2016 to provide focus on these issues)
  • Renew our commitment to the Maintenance Intern Program

2.  Tell our story in new ways:

  • Teach members and regulars to articulate and share their own personal parables, faith, and convictions
  • Develop four video vignettes for the website
  • Publicly announce our vision in artwork or other displays outside our building, e.g., banners
  • Seek new avenues to share FPC happenings

3.  Connect members and regulars of all ages in relationships that enrich friendship and faith:

  • Identify and develop small group opportunities for both adults and youth
  • Update Time and Talent Forms for all, with emphasis on those entering new life stages
  • Train and assign Andrew ministers/shepherds to new members
  • Explore and provide staff support (e.g., outgoing and organized parish associate) to coordinate the above
  • Expand and enrich our relationship with the Letohrad parish of the Evangelical Church of Czech Brethren
  • Recruit at least 2 members to serve as Young Adult Volunteers (PCUSA program) within the next 5 years

4.  Nurture the Spirit beyond Sunday

  • Develop ongoing Christian Education opportunities during the week (i.e.: weekday bible study, four fall Wed nights, speaker relating to spiritual growth, journeys to Montreat/Ghost Ranch)
  • Renew our commitment to the Seminary Intern program
  • Develop Arts and Music opportunities
  • Expand ways of providing or enriching the worship experience for those not able to attend Sunday morning services

5.  Sustain our ministry

  • Develop a sustainable financial plan, including dependencies such as size of membership (income) and a maintenance reserve fund
  • Identify and develop green church initiatives
  • Expand building uses to broaden our ministries as well as provide additional funding sources
  • Update our computer/cloud system to better share info. (e.g., automate Time/Talent forms)
  • Explore and provide staff support to include a focus on administrative work such as web development, and database development