Funeral and Memorial Planning

My Information

Maiden Name
Full Address
Military Service Affiliation (Army, Navy, etc...)
Survivors (list)
Close Friends (to be notified)

Important Documents

For each, please specify what documents exist and where they are located

Living Will
Durable Health Care Power of Attorney
Military Discharge
Veteran's Benefits
Pastor Name
Pastor Telephone Number
Physician Name
Physician Telephone Number
Hospice Name
Hospice Telephone Number
Funeral Home Director Name
Funeral Home Director Telephone Number
Lawyer Name
Lawyer Telephone Number

Planning the Funeral

Disposition Preference
Funeral Home Visitation
Location of Service
Type of Service
Committal Service
Memorial Donations (list organizations)
In Lieu of Flowers

Worship Outline

Possible hymns (list)
Other music selections (list)
Scripture readings (list)
Statements of Celebration (list of persons who might speak)
Obituary/Death Notice