English to the Church

Czech ETTC Youth/Adult Application

DUE Dec 1 the year prior to the trip

Street Address
Grade in Sept the year prior to the trip (preference will be given to rising juniors and seniors)
Have you gone through the Confirmation Class at FPC?
Do you have previous camp leadership experience? Ie. Vacation Bible Camp, Sports Camps, Community Summer Camps, Music Camps, etc. Please explain below.
Tell us how your participation will assist this English Camp and what talents/personal gifts you will bring to this mission trip? Do you play an instrument, sing, play sports, craft, etc.
Do you speak another language and if so, which language?
Have you travelled internationally? If so, please explain.
At the ETTC camp, you will be required to lead and participate in Energizers, music with motions. Are you comfortable in front of groups and if not, how can we assist you? If no, please explain.
The ESTIMATED cost of this trip is approx. $1,600.00 (please note this is an estimated cost and can change due to airfare). If you are in need of scholarship assistance please go to the church website on the link below to apply.

Please submit the mission scholarship form by February 1.

Mission/Education Scholarship Application

If you receive scholarship assistance from other church committees, ie. Presbyterian Woman, Youth Ministry Council or the Mission Committee, you will be required to participate in events that need support (ie. Junque sale, Mission Committee, any other local community outreach such as FoodLink, LHS meals, assisting with Youth Auction). Are you committed to participating when asked? Please explain any concerns.
This is a working camp. There will be a minimum of 5 pre-trip planning sessions (typically 2 hrs each) required and a post-trip recap session for future planning. The first meeting will be in March and continue once per month, or as needed, through July. There will also be other times you may be asked to speak or present on behalf of the ETTC team, such as Minute for Mission or Time with Children during worship, Youth Fellowship evenings, and other times as requested by the Czech Committee. Are you willing to commit the time required? If no, please explain.
Please feel free to list any other information you would like to share with the Czech Committee.
Are you able to commit to these travel dates? ANTICIPATED departure - July 20, ANTICIPATED return- August 3
Parent Contact information and approval of application