Adult Education

9:30 am Education Hour

We invite you to open your mind and connect with what is deepest in your heart by joining us for study, conversation, reflection, and prayer. Classes gather throughout our campus during the 9:30-10:30 am education hour. 2018-2019 Schedule.

The Fellowship of the Bean is a relaxed discussion group that meets for good coffee and conversation in the Zimmerman Wilson House. Each week, there is a new topic of conversation with the group an ever-changing mix of ages and beliefs. Drop-ins are welcome and you don’t have to sign-up or attend every week.

The Spiritual Growth Class is a long-standing group, committed to spiritual growth and meets in room 1a of the Kinhart Center. Participants are dedicated to creating and keeping an open environment in which people can honestly share and dialogue. The group chooses a book or specific topics to discuss.

The final 9:30 am adult option is Adult Education which gathers in room 4a of the Kinhart Center. Often led by member Debbie Mitchell, this class gathers for more detailed studies, digging deep into scripture and theology. Studies have included Karen Armstrong’s book, The Battle for God, an exploration of the 1908 Social Creed, and Francis Taylor Gench’s book, Back to the Well.

Bring your curiosity and questions! You will not be told what to think but instead given the opportunity to process ideas with others. Childcare is available for the Sunday morning education hour.

For information about this week's opportunities, see the worship bulletin or contact Rev. Dr. Heather Shortlidge at

Lenten Covenant Circles

These small groups gather during Wednesday nights of Lent. The evening includes a community dinner from 6:15-7:00 pm and Circles from 7:00-8:15 pm. A short-term commitment, Covenant Circles are an excellent way to meet friends in the church and learn or try your hand at something new.

Bass Lecture Series

The Courtenay Wright Bass and R. William Bass Lecture Series was begun in 2010 as the result of a generous gift in memory of Courtney Wright Bass, a church member committed to faith and scholarship. At the time of Bill’s death in 2013 the fund name was changed to reflect both persons to be honored. The Lecture Series allows us to invite distinguished speakers who are known and respected in their professional lives for the purpose of “encouraging faithful exploration of Christian faith with contemporary social issues.” Past guests include Brian Blount, Dorothy Bass, Marcus Borg and Diana Butler Bass, Rodger Nishioka, Ellen Davis, Rabbi Phil Pohl and Palestinian farmer and peace activist Daoud Nassar.



First Presbyterian Church pilgrims have traveled to Iona, Scotland and the Holy Land.
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