The Jane Reynolds Kaderly Endowment Fund

Established as a permanent fund in December 2011, its distributions will be used for a variety of short-term needs of others such as emergency or short-term housing, food, medical, or other payments intended to improve the quality of life of the recipient.
When asked why she chose this designation Jane replied, “There are so many people hurting today; I would like to ease their pain...not for them to be dependent on it like Welfare...but to help them over difficult times.”

The Courtenay Wright Bass and R. William Bass Lecture Fund

Established in 2010 in memory of a church family committed to faith and scholarship, this fund is used to invite distinguished speakers who are respected in their professional lives for the purpose of “encouraging faithful exploration of Christian faith with contemporary social issues.

The Capital Facilities Fund

Funding for capital improvements and major maintenance needs of the church campus as determined by the Trustees.

The Mission and Program Fund

Funding for local, national, and international mission programs and projects, including feeding the poor and homeless and promoting peace in the world. This fund is also used to enhance worship, education, and diverse church programs as determined by the Session.