Congregational Life

Mission & Scope

Mission - To nurture the social, spiritual and caring needs of the congregation through various caring ministries and fellowship events – which provide us with opportunities to come together as a true fellowship of faith.

Session Commmittee - The Congregational Life Committee tends to the social and caring needs of all congregation members through fellowship events and caring ministries. To achieve its mission, specific events, many of which are “annual” activities are held throughout the year that bring members of our congregation together.

CLC Members - The dedicated individuals participating in this work include Chairperson Florence Smoot and committee members Kathy O’Connell, Charles Hargrove, Francis Hammersmith, Barbara Mohrman, Nancy Parker, Elaine Mumford, Martha Moore Woolridge, Marilyn & Brian Winters. CLC welcomes all who desire to participate either as an ongoing member or on an occasional basis. Members meet periodically at the Kinhart Center and in the fall to examine a strategic direction for the coming year after examining its previous activities.

Lectures and In-Services

CLC hosts a seminar and lunch that provides information and education to the members of the congregation. In the past, we have had workshops on will and estate planning with local professionals. Other topics have included educational programming on cancer prevention and treatment, as well as a post-worship produce market in Fellowship Hall with fresh samples, educational crafts for younger children, gardening tips and packets, and community "farm-to-table" vendors. Topics vary based on interest, need and relevance in our community of faith.

Yearly Events

Shrove Tuesday Pancake Supper - Celebrating the beginning of Lent, CLC members prepare regular and blueberry pancakes, sausages and applesauce. As one of our most significant holidays, members join together for dinner with a “faux mardi-gras” theme, for fabulous fellowship and sharing our gifts of life.

Annual Member Picnic - a family event held the first Sunday following Labor Day weekend at Quiet Waters Park, adults and children of all ages gather following the 11 a.m. service. Traditionally blessed with beautiful sunny skies, gentle breezes and temperatures in the low 80’s. FPC’s picnic continues to grow in popularity, now with over 100 members and friends joining in an afternoon of fellowship and special children activities that included face painting and lots of games. For those who love statistics – those at the gathering typically6 consume 100 hamburgers, 70 hotdogs – 2 gallons lemonade, 1 gallon cider, 3 cases of soft drinks, 1 case of water, chips, snacks, lots of cookies, brownies, fruit, watermelon and and contributions of salads and desserts from members.  The annual Picnic is always a capstone to launching into our fall activities and bidding farewell to a beautiful summer season. 

Environmental Youth Day Program - Under the leadership of the Chesapeake Bay Foundation, the Chesapeake Interfaith Environmental Group sponsors a special day for the youth of our congregations to experience unique environmental adventure. Held for all youth 4th graders and above, the Congregation Life Committee sponsors First Presbyterian members, who participated in exploring the ecosystem on land, in canoes and by workboat, CBF’s floating classroom the Marguerite. On the workboat, students learned to assess the health of an ecosystem by harvesting oysters from a nearby bed, and examining the catch as to their growth and development. They also tested the water with scientific methods, making informed observations, and surveying live organisms. In their canoe trip along the shoreline, the students learned how humans affect their surroundings and what can be done to lessen that impact. 

All activities occurred at the Chesapeake Bay Foundation’s Merrill Center Education Center (off Bay Ridge Road). As an exceptional location, CBF is situated between the shores of the Chesapeake Bay, the woods of Bay Ridge, the tidal marsh of Black Walnut Creek, and fields of tall native grasses. This Center allows for an engaging, hands-on experience of the Chesapeake Bay ecosystem.

Thanksgiving - The CLC annually hosts the FPC Congregation Thanksgiving Dinner. Held in Fellowship, members and guests dine by candlelight and music at linen covered tables to a menu of roast turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes – and all of the traditional festive trimmings.

ADVENTurous Worship - Prior to the “Interactive Prayer Stations and a No Fuss Christmas Pageant” a highly successful dinner was coordinated served by the CLC. Over 100 hearty eaters consumed family-style “kid-friendly” selections of hot dog rolls, lasagna, baked macaroni and cheese; salads, vegetables and drinks. Following dinner, all participated in a fabulous program which concluded with hot chocolate and special treats.

Dinners for Eight” - Organized by the FPC Congregation Life Committee, ‘Dinners for Eight social groups,' provides an opportunity for a social gathering by sharing a meal and fellowship together. Groups are organized with 6-8 people (couples and/or single members), taking into consideration location and identified preferences. Group members take turns in meeting at respective member’s homes for dinner (or lunch)– with one couple acting as the host. Dinner is traditionally pot-luck – all sharing in the preparations, with the host identifying the menu. In a few instances, some groups prefer to dine at a restaurant – all of which depends upon the group’s preferences. Each group decides upon their own schedule – the date and time in which they want to get together.

FPC Opera and Dinner – features a wonderful musical evening that begins with a soup & salad dinner. Performed in 2014 and 2015, and possibly in the future!, the opera is supported by the CLC with an evening meal commemorating the journey of the maggi.



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