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How Will Donations Be Used?

This spring brings a season of change to First Presbyterian Church as we start to look for a new senior pastor for the first time in almost two decades. As part of the transition there will be many activities taking place as we search for an interim pastor and celebrate Bill Hathaway’s tenure in Annapolis. One of the things that we want to do is to make First Presbyterian as attractive as possible to a new pastor.

  1. Loan Repayment. The church took out a loan to complete campus construction 15 years ago. We have an outstanding balance of $105,000. Paying off this loan and having no debt will make our church more attractive to a prospective pastor. It will also allow us to use our operating funds for program or mission instead of servicing debt at a cost of $26,000/year.
  2. The Manse. There are a number of items that need to be updated or addressed in the manse. The kitchen needs new appliances and countertops. The bathrooms need a facelift. The interior walls need to be repainted and the floors need to be refinished. Over the years, there has been a problem with water infiltration in the basement that needs to be fixed. Having the manse refreshed and in good repair will be an asset as we search for a new pastor. It is estimated that these repairs and improvements will cost $55,000.
  3. ZW House. Not surprisingly, the 125-year-old Zimmerman-Wilson House needs additional work to make it safe, functional and attractive. The ZW House is used by a number of different groups and organizations for classes, meetings and housing. For the safety of our members and guests, the installation of a sprinkler system for fire suppression is a top priority. There are a number of other items to be addressed to make the house more functional (removing, cleaning and reinstalling the radiators, making the pocket doors more functional) and more attractive (including replacing the linoleum kitchen floors, refinishing the first floor wood floors and removing the wallpaper on the first floor). The sprinkler system, repairs and other projects are estimated to cost $50,000.

Mission. In April, we are going to hold a quick capital campaign seeking to raise $250,000 to fund these projects. Our goal is to complete the campaign before Bill Hathaway leaves in May. As in all our campaigns, there will also be a mission component including:

  • A $10,000 grant to assist the Haiti Reforestation Partnership in employing leadership to work on the ground in rural Haiti with our CODEP partners at a time of transition. CODEP is now nearly 800 people who are stepping up to the challenges of planting more trees while also learning to manage maturing forests. 
  • A $10,000 grant to Comunidad Presbiteriana la Trinidad to serve as start up funds for land rent, equipment and compost with a newly formed farmers’ cooperative among Hispanic neighbors working with our partner, the Rev. Migde Lucas.
  • A $10,000 grant to help jumpstart a new, faith-based countywide community organization under the guidance of the Industrial Area Foundation (IAF). First Presbyterian is a founding partner along with 15 other faith groups across historic lines of race and class. New groups are joining each month.
  • Our successful Maintenance Intern Program has been funded by special gifts over the years in addition to funds from the Mission budget. Money is in place for 2018. This $10,000 grant will allow us to enlist an intern in 2019 and stretch funds into 2020. Interns typically come from the Light House or Drug Court, serve for six months then, when successful, transition into full time jobs.

This campaign will position First Presbyterian to continue to grow and thrive into the future with our new pastor.